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Read and listen to the intro post here 👉 Poking the bear and waking the pig

If you don’t know me, my name is Del (twitter - youtube). I’m a full-time stock trader that focuses mainly on longer-term swings in the markets. Despite being a swing trader now, I trade stocks using both shares and options actively as I come from a day trading background. Bear vs Pig at first was a podcast I started in 2018 (check it out here). Since then I’ve decided to expand BVP into a resource for traders interested in developing their craft and a place where I can hold myself accountable in my own trading.

Interviews with traders, market analysis, my brand of volume analysis, watch lists, and my own trading in mid-cap+ stocks and options is what you’ll find here. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Market Technician. Mostly Swing Stocks, Options, Volume Analysis. Prev. Small Cap Piggies — Host of 🎙️BEARvsPIG