Aug 5, 2018 • 58M

EP#2 JTrader — 19 Years of Trading, Scaling in, Financials and Discipline (@jtraderco)

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Candid interviews and deep dives into the world of discretionary stock trading. Listen to in-depth conversations with seasoned stock traders who are willing to share insights into the stock market's most volatile and shrouded niches.
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Today’s guest on the show is JTrader. A very successful day trader from San Marino, Italy. What’s more is that he’s been trading for 19 years, so you can imagine the wealth of knowledge that we’ll have access to in this next hour. JTrader started trading at the age of 18, straight out of high school and has been a professional trader ever since. From Italian stocks, to FOREX, Futures and now US Equities; JTrader is driven, passionate and very good at what he does. Over 70% of JTrader’s trades are on the short side.