Issue #3 — Volume Analysis and a bone to pick with 'Volume Profile'Listen now | You’ve been staring at fixed periods your whole life Neo. There’s another dimension, and spoiler… it’s important.
Technical setups now too, not just a list of tickers. Sideways Shuffle in Markets, Watchlist Review, Select TA Setups.
What a week for the markets with SPY continuing to gain strength against the relatively weaker tech sector. QQQ still fumbling for it’s breakout. In the…
Overall for my aggressive swing style, these markets are still too weak and range bound to expect much follow through to the long-side.
Issue #1 — Poking the Bear and Waking the PigToday, I’m reviving BVP. Not just into yet another podcast, but a resource for stock traders which will be centered around one simple goal. Cut the fat…
Update: Nightly Watchlist moving to TwitterI want to thank everyone for the feedback they gave me on the Nightly Watchlist and the rest of the content via twitter and email. I’m always lo…
A note on crypto, Coinbase IPO, and a reminder to focus.
🐖 And in the pig scenario, we gap up into or over 400 on SPY, and QQQ doesn’t look back. FOMO central.
Issue #2 — Sharpening your edge with data, getting startedListen now | An edge is an exploitable statistical advantage that you have over other market participants. How can you use data to sharpen that edge?
Overall, I’m long, looking to load up on my technical long setups if we get seller weakness. VIX needs to stay sub 20, and SPY needs to hold above 400…
I loaded up on technical longs and took profits into the strength. God, it felt good, it’s been some time since markets had a power move.
S&P broke out of an extremely tight shelf in after market trading today. Still very bullish. Almost… “zombie” like.